Utah Jazz – April 2013

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Spring is almost upon us and with it the promise of those long sought after evenings in the beer garden or the waft of the barbeque on the evening breeze. We’re proper feeling it here at Bass Kitchen UK headquarters and to kick that Spring feeling into gear we’ve got something quite special for you in April.

Touching down in Bristol is none other than the man like Utah Jazz and he’s bringing the his newly launched Groove Therapy album with him. If Liquid V, Good Looking and Hospital Records is your bag then this is something you are not going to want to miss. But don’t our word for it, check out these reviews:

Mixmag Drum & Bass June 2012 – ALBUM OF THE MONTH
Utah Jazz / Groove Therapy / Vintage Recordings

One of the shining lights of the noughties’ liquid-funk boom, Luke Wilson’s much-envied library of rare soul samples continues to earn him legions of international fans and a unique perch in the d’n’b galaxy. True to his defiantly old-skool production ethic, album number three is awash with the dusky sax trills, lilting piano rolls and shuffling breaks that have become his smile-inducing signature – a trove of unvarnished rollers entirely devoid of mechanoid modern gloss or studio gimmicks. You’ll also find sassy reggae-flecked funk (‘The Warning’ feat. David Boomah) and loping 150bpm breakbeat grooves (‘Infinity’), but it’s the tear-jerking brilliance of mournful piano gems like ‘Loops for Days’ that do it for us. Get those jazz-hands ready, people – summer has officially arrived. 9/10

“Truly unique. Utah Jazz’s burgeoning success is nothing short of remarkable. It’s been two long years since the debut LP of the finest liquid funkster in the galaxy – and what a way to return…” (iDJ)

“Could Utah Jazz be the most underrated D&B producer out there? This unbelievable album certainly suggests so…”(DJ Mag)

“Experimental? Utah Jazz? Believe it – true to form, the world renowned party-rocking DJ is quite happy bucking all preconceptions as well as ignoring musical trends, and the results are his best work yet…” (iDJ)

“ALBUM OF THE WEEK. More emotion than a Bollywood film… Vintage has been painstakingly crafted, oozing finesse and attention to detail…” (The Metro)

“If the Drum & Bass scene’s upper reaches have a reputation for maintaining their rigid hierarchy with all the ruthless efficiency of a Stalinist accounting firm, then Utah Jazz is most certainly the kid who cracked the code…” (iDJ)

“X-amount of cast-iron jungle legends can’t be wrong – and they ain’t. When Utah Jazz waves his wand, D&B invariably swoons…” (iDJ Magazine)

“With his sublime debut album ‘It’s a Jazz Thing’ out now on Liquid V, it’s time to flip the script, and remind the pretenders who’s really boss…” (DJ Mag)

“A remarkable composer… this is Drum & Bass royalty in the making…” (Knowledge)

“After 10 years of producing, ‘It’s A Jazz Thing’ is well worth the wait, showcasing Wilson’s knack of excavating big riffs and hooks from 70’s soul and funk, and melding them together in an uplifting dance floor soup. 4 out of 5…” (Mixmag)

“A dive into the inviting blue skies of summer, ‘It’s a Jazz Thing’ takes the liquid funk template and submerges it in black-golden layers of ’70s symphonic soul, equal parts Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, High Contrast and Calibre…” (DJ Mag)

“The most eagerly-anticipated debut album in years… Utah Jazz has got a rhythm, soul & vision all his own and the entire Drum & Bass world will soon be stepping to his beat…” (K-Mag)

“An original and unique listening experience. If you don’t know about Utah Jazz yet, what exactly is your excuse?!…” (ATM)

We’re a little bit excited to say the least. Alongside your usual BK residents we also have a selection of top notch DJs who will be bringing their own spectacular style and sound to Bristols longest running bass orientated night:

Snowflake_F, Esque, Mossis Chesnut and Butcher are all in attendance and we’re looking forward to seeing what they’ll bring to the table.

See you down the front!