Hometown/Country: Bristol, UK
Branch: Bass Kitchen UK
Style: Hip Hop, Ghetto Funk, Breaks, Jungle and DnB

P.O.D.G.E was discovered in The Forest of Dean during the treacherous winter of 1982. Little is known about his formative years but it led him to believe that he was Nick Berry. Unable to cope with seeing his double on Eastenders he set off for Walford to confront the imposter. Unfortunately due to a terrible sense of direction and having one leg shorter than the other, he ended up in Plymouth.

Realising the error he briefly fled the country to appear in the American cartoon King of the Hill playing the charismatic young Bobby. His promising acting career was cut short when he was deported back to his homeland where he settled in Bristol.

2011 saw him playing alongside the like of DJ Format, Stickybuds and Featurecast as well as playing at the legendary Glastonbury Festival. His productions are coming to the attention of some of the biggest DJ’s in the scene with his debut release out in at the start of 2012


P.O.D.G.E – InMotion FFTT XL Promo Mix by Podgeuk on Mixcloud