Hometown/Country: Bristol, UK
Branch: Bass Kitchen UK
Style: Funk Breaks, NuFunk, HipHop, Live Keys

Obsessed by music and sound from when he was a boy, HiHat learnt to play the keyboards listening to old Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock records from the 70s.  He later learnt DJing and dance music production through house music and a sound engineering course in Manchester before getting into the NuSkool Breaks scene in 2007.

In 2008 HiHat won a Breakbeat remix competition run by Stepsine recordings resulting in his first Vinyl and digital release – the funky stomper “Gen.Sec of Breaks”.  2010 brought a fresh signing to iBreaks Funk with debut track “Killer Profit” released featuring samples from the comedian Mark Thomas (Mark Thomas Comedy Product, Ch4).

In 2011 HiHat set up the Soul and Funk band SoulFi http://www.soulfi.co.uk with Dicey and Dr Fish, producing the grooves and playing funk keyboards live.

HiHat became a resident of Bass Kitchen Bristol in 2012 performing regular DJ and semi live sets at Timbuk2 (TB2).

Now The ‘HiHat Live’ project has landed.  In this project he fuses Funk, Soul, Breakbeats and technology with live vocals, keys and FX.  An experimental set out on a limb with a new way of performing live music.  “Ultimately the aim of this project is to combine the best aspects of DJing – responding to the crowd and feeling in the room, with live performance and manipulation of the tracks. There is a powerful use of technology combined with music written straight from the heart and with themes that resonate with us all.”

Watch out for releases and gigs in and around Bristol, UK in 2013